Answer: Ahmedabad, India (Administrative unit: Gujarāt) - last known population is ≈ 6 357 700 (year 2011).This was 0.51% of total India population.If population growth rate would be same as in period 2001-2011 (+3.46%/year), Ahmedabad population in 2021 would be: 8 932 629*. Population of Gujarat in 2016 Population in Gujarat is growing at an annual growth rate of 1.9 percent. But as per estimate and projection, population of Thane district in 2018 is 82.44 Lakhs compared to 2011 census figure of 72.14 Lakhs. Ahmedabad's 2020 population is now estimated at 8,059,441. The state added over 1 million people in its total population during the year 2017. PTI. These population estimates and projections come from the latest revision of the UN World Urbanization Prospects.These estimates represent the Urban agglomeration … To conclude it, the population of Gujarat in 2020 as per estimates = 69.61888 Million. Total no. The city with a population of more than 92.50 lakh has reported 545 cases. It is the 5th largest city in India with a population of 5,633,927. The state's COVID-19 case tally has increased to 15,572 after 367 infections while the fatality count has risen to 960 after 22 deaths occurred on Thursday. e-paper. New Delhi -°C. Sign Out. The state is one of the worst-hit in the country with over 15,000 cases and a death toll nearing 1000. In 1950, the population of Ahmedabad was 854,959. Over 8% of the population is Muslim, totalling more than 300,000 in the 2001 estimation. Ahmedabad has grown by 950,155 since 2015, which represents a 2.54% annual change. What is the population of Ahmadabad in 2020? Ahmedabad District Demographic Details Area Revenue Divisons Talukas/Blocks Gram Villages Gram Panchayats Municipalities Municipal Corporation 8,087 Sq Km 7 15 556 474 7 1 Ahmedabad District Census 2011 Area Total NO_House Holds Total Females Total Males Total Population Ahmedabad Taluka 340885 810080 874604 1684684 Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation … Ahmedabad district and corporation officials have registered more than seven lakh people across Ahmedabad city and rural areas during a month-long survey to identify the high-risk population for vaccination against Covid-19.As many as 704 vaccinators, including 324 from rural areas, have been also identified during the survey, officials said. Ahmedabad is the most populous district with a total population of 7,574,254. Gujarat is facing a steep challenge posed by coronavirus pandemic. The estimated population statistic recorded as of 2017 in Ahmedabad is 3,719,710. Thiruvananthapuram's 2020 population is now estimated at 2,584,752.In 1950, the population of Thiruvananthapuram was 224,131.Thiruvananthapuram has grown by 107,824 since 2015, which represents a 4.35% annual change. In terms of urban agglomeration with an estimated population of 6,357,693, Ahmedabad is the 7th most populous city in India. The population of Ahmedabad in 2011 was 5.5 million. Population. Out of the 58 new positive cases reported in Gujarat, 53 were from Ahmedabad which also accounts for 59 per cent of the total number 929 COVID-19 positive cases in the state. The fact is, last census for Ahmadabad district was done only in 2011 and next such census would only be in 2021. The population of Gujarat in 2020 is expected to be 68.8824 Million + 0.73648 Million = 69.61888 Million. Jan 04, 2021-Monday-°C. Ahmedabad was once called Karnavati during the 11th century. Population of Gujarat in 2017 Population of Gujarat in 2017 was 67,600,992. Question: What is the population of Ahmedabad? of House Holds: 1179823: Total Population: 5577940: Total Male Population: 2938985: Total Female Population: 2638955: Total Population between 0 to 6 years: Poverty. Sign In. Today in New Delhi, India. A total of … It has been noticed that that every year the increase in population is by 0.26 Million each year in Ahmedabad.

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