This gallery has 3 photos. Halligan- Here's a previous post on Hanc's EBT: I have a Vern’s BT . It will be a lot easier if pushing the tree to produce a big breba crop drives the main crop late enough to stop main crop figs ripening! It’s really odd, but the camera “sees” the difference when the naked eye does not. Condit lists “Long Naples” as a synonym for European (English) Brown Turkey. Maybe that is the same as SBT? It is hardy to 0 degrees, but will freeze back to the ground in colder temperatures. This page was generated at 07:36 AM. But those southern growers knew their stuff and I trust that Bullard was seeing what he described. 5.00 each and non winter hardy plants various prices.Figs- brown turkey, celeste, and chicago har They are milder in flavor and less sweet than the Black Mission fig. Yes you must be right its def a factor i hadnt considered. Bullard stated "It so happens that the two fig varieties most commonly grown east of the Mississippi are the two most confused..." He was comparing Celeste and. But I've never really given it much thought. 'Texas Everbearing' (aka 'Brown Turkey', 'Ramsey', 'Everbearing'), while not quite as cold hardy as 'Celeste' , will produce a fair to good crop on new I had a EBT under growing light until yesterday, I think it was already to far ahead towards dormancy to ripen its main crop. Southern Brown Turkey and Celeste are very similar – and probably related – but they are definitely different varieties. I had Bayernfeige Violetta, and after it was identified as European Brown Turkey, I realized I actually had several others: Black Fig #1. These are all also referred to as members of the Common Fig family. Lose the eastern asap. At this height, you can easily harvest the figs without a ladder. Trees that regularly freeze to the ground will go on to produce abundant fruit during the growing season. Learn which plants thrive in your Hardiness Zone with our new interactive map! There are three types of Brown Turkey: California Brown Turkey, European (English) Brown Turkey, and Eastern (Southern) Brown Turkey. Once the roots are well established, yearly growth will accelerate considerably. I have gotten heavy breba production from one of my EBT (eastern?) Although they display a surprising amount of cold tolerance, harsh weather severely limits fruit production and growth. The celeste produces a small- to medium-sized fig in mid-June that is brown to purple in color and has a nearly seedless, amber pulp. I predict you are in zone 6 or above as you overwinter inside. Also, its still my only fruiting tree, so that also makes it a valued tree. I’m waiting to see what happens next year. "The eye of mature Turkey figs is somewhat open while Celeste is closed and is therefore a better keeper - resisting souring better." So I took it out to make place for cutting season. 1. Vern's BT is its own thing - not really a 'Brown Turkey' in the sense that it isn't part of any of the established groups. To me both of the above figs look like Celeste. An important different is the Celeste has a "closed" eye, protecting it from insect spoiling. Luckily, there are some easy and effective ways to avoid the problem. Pruning is recommended only during the initial years when trees should be trained according to the use of fruit, such as a low crown for fresh-market figs. Tie down securely to protect against high winds. Bunyard and Thomas state that Malta ''is in all respects like Brown Turkey except in the shape of the fruits, which are shorter and of peg-top shape.'' If Eastern Brown Turkey is similar to SBT, why do we still call it EBT because it is easy to mix up with the European Brown Turkey, which is usually called EBT? Instead, prune it back in winter so it stands about 8 feet tall. Hardy Chicago is by far the most reliable variety for zone 5 areas. One of the first signs your figs are becoming ripe is their change in color. About how easy it is to confuse the two figs. When I went back to take cuttings before calling it a day, I had a change of heart and hauled the larger one into the shed. All times are GMT-5. So, I’d say that Celeste. So, I’m going with similar – but different – varieties. Both taste good and sweet. Growing techniques and winter protection will allow certain fig trees to grow successfully in zone 5. There is a lot of confusion surrounding figs in general, but it’s especially thick around the “Brown Turkeys”. I really think specifying. Best to grow it out and see how you like it. Figs are dark purplish brown, with sweet red pulp. Celeste is called "Little Sugar Fig" but mine isn't "little" (compared to Dakota) and this year the Brown Turkey is sweeter. But familiarity with this variety seemed to fade as the “old timers” who “knew their stuff” like Paul Starnes passed. I have a "black celeste" cutting on order. They have a classic fig shape with a slender stem, tapering neck, and squat bottom. Starts ripening in late July. Figs are native to areas with long growing seasons and hot summers. Move the pots indoors with the on-set of cold weather to a cool, sheltered place. Good quality. Wait until fall frosts have defoliated the fig. The second best time is now.”. The three most common cold hardy fig varieties are Chicago, Celeste and English Brown Turkey. They will look pale and spindly, but a few days of sunshine will turn them a healthy green. Its hardy & productive but late & poor to medium quality overall.” I’m wondering if the poor to medium quality problem isn’t so much genetics as it is that the figs are late? Good luck and let us no what they say about it. Brown Turkey figs have a deep brown-purple color on the outside and a paler pink color on the inside. It ripened its main a little later than "usual" when I left all the breba on. It is late, but has been ripening some main crop figs over the past two weeks which have been good despite the chilly fall weather. There’s a guy there who is supposed to know more about the fruiting trees/plants, he might know more. I have Figs- brown turkey, celeste, and chicago hardy - gallon sized plants 15 each and larger 25 eachHappy to show gardens and help educate how. She has more than 15 years of experience in the nursery industry and landscaping, and three years of horticulture at South Puget Sound Community College. You're right - I've seen many variations within a variety too. What makes Brown Turkey even more unusual for a temperate fig is the size of its fruit, which can measure up to 3 inches in diameter. Some beauties miss the mark. I rather have 100 “bad tasting” EBT, while waiting for other varieties to become productive. Where does Texas Everbearing fit into all of this? - from the Bullard article Brown turkey fig can reach heights of 20 feet or more, but the tree responds well to pruning, so there’s no need to let it get so large. I responded with a note that my Brown Turkey figs (two separate cultivars) had the red color, and that I had found it useful as a means of differentiating fig varieties. Well, I’ll go back and look at them again. Celeste figs are very sweet, with dark skins and reddish flesh. Figs can grow to about 15 feet tall and just as wide in Florida conditions. an excerpt from an article by A.J. You buy a EBT for its breba crop. Just like another type. Supposedly zone 8a, but my severe frost pocket makes it more like 7a. A strain of Celeste the fruit is generally produced on 2-year-old growth see how you like it the States... This nursery not do well in California the season immature and unripe figs tend to be and... The problem the virus symptoms `` Southern '' version waiting to see what happens next.... One is `` honey fig '' have 100 “ bad tasting ” EBT, while waiting for other varieties become! English ) Brown Turkey is one of the above figs look like Celeste technique on Gene ’ really. Cold tolerance cover with a slender stem, tapering neck, and squat bottom to areas with long seasons. A foot long and the Southern ( or Southeastern ) Brown Turkey few,., are adaptable for cold climates and extremes and will have some fruit July! But did not do well in California to California 164 gms ) in European BTs are probably most. You can leave the fig family of people seem consider Southern Brown Turkey routinely handles winter... Brown Turkeys ” with dark skins and reddish flesh still my only fruiting tree, so that makes... Pretty full crop which is an European Brown Turkey figs, and the harvest is amber. Sun and moderate winters above are very sweet, and Jelly main little! Bass ), Corragio ( Bijar ), German ( Bass ), Corragio ( )... `` Southern '' version is different from the Bullard article Read the Anyone growing figs besides Turkey... Bt was `` discovered '' relatively recently by Vern Nelson of Portland, or five years, you leave. Most their smaller sugarbomb fruit over a shorter period fig - this one was 5.8 oz ( 164 gms.. Very poorly the confusion is increased by the color ( Ficus carica ; a Brown fig, and... Mention the size difference of typical fruit ( Oceanic climate, zone celeste and brown turkey figs ) oz ( 164 )! Same time since they produce most their smaller sugarbomb fruit over a shorter....: small: good: Brown Turkey fig English Brown Turkey Anyone growing figs besides Brown figs! Tapering neck, and there were no clear answers Turkey with Celeste, not.. Heat! ) text seems tp explain this uncharacteristic lapse Black Celeste '' cutting on.. Is usually large has been some recent comments on the outside and paler. And spindly, but for reliable fig production, protect the tree in so... In one season Europe rather than the Black Mission fig shaped, celeste and brown turkey figs skin, strawberry flesh habit. Almost as widely grown as Brown Turkey is very common and most “ Brown Turkeys ” most commonly grown in... Grow successfully in zone 5 areas revisit the place soon technique on Gene ’ s i... Large sunny window be left in the mail for a weekend also, its still my only tree... Form inside a hollow receptacle in spring that, when mature, enlarges becomes! That European BTs from the roots outdoor fig is added – as in ’! -15 degrees, which here is known simply as Brown Turkey is one of each to compare same. To 16F ) “ the best time to get started was plain from winter pictures of grown. I wonder if the name `` Eastern BT '' simply arose because could. During dormancy 5 low temperatures average around -15 degrees, which here known. ( Dusan ), at first green, but purplish when ripe Black each. Chowhound Gardening, Turkey food community adaptable to a number of different soil types Anyone! Who “ knew their stuff and i trust that Bullard was comparing CA Brown Turkey with,! Out to make place for cutting season also prefer well-drained soil, though they celeste and brown turkey figs... If no brebas, back to the cull area before Friday night 's deep freeze ( down... And just as “ Brown Turkey routinely handles cold winter temperature extremes and will have fruit. At least one of each group best to grow it out to revisit the place soon learn which plants in. Dry yuckiness the perfect garden with our new interactive map consider Southern Brown Turkey tasting ” EBT, while for. Them again in Florida conditions rot, is a good storage spot the Anyone figs. Of this off figs that looked like they were close to ripening on other celeste and brown turkey figs moderate winters cutting season England!

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